Lifestyle & Compensation Guide

Lifestyle & Compensation Guide

You deserve the support you need to thrive. That’s why we’re working hard to offer more than just competitive compensation and benefits.

We want to create a culture that helps you feel both excited to come to work and free to enjoy the rest of your life. Guided by our core values and our commitment to giving our clinical professionals the autonomy they deserve, we’re building something that’s bigger than any one of us.

We need your help to do it!

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We work hard to create a strong, supportive team culture for each other

Our culture is built around three key elements:

We believe that our dentists know best. That means that we won’t play armchair quarterback or tell you how to treat your patients. We trust you to make clinical decisions and will give you the support you need.

Our core values help us focus our attention and efforts each day. These include giving our patients a great experience and exceptional care, lifting each other up and welcoming everyone, and always doing the right thing. We all practice these values together and strive to hit the mark.

We want you to feel good when you show up for work and that means making sure you’ve got plenty of time to refresh, recharge, and live your life. We make that easier by offering options like flexible scheduling, the ability to limit your hours, and even remote work for some administrative positions. Our dentists, of course, will also be free from having to run the business side of things and can focus on the work they love.

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