Our approach to business & partnership

Our approach to business & partnership

The word partnership matters a great deal to us. We don’t acquire a practice because we want to micromanage or tell you how to work.

We do it because we believe in your talent and see what you’ve already accomplished. We just want to lend a hand — taking over running the business while you continue to serve your guests and your community.

Here’s what we do when we acquire a practice

We want to build on the success you’ve already achieved. So we keep your whole team in place, maintain your current brand, and guarantee you absolute clinical autonomy.

We’ll also work to grow and develop the practice. That means adding specialties like orthodontics or oral surgery, offering opportunities for you and your team to learn new skills, and making sure that there’s a steady flow of guests coming through the door.

Finally, we’ll take all the administrative work off your plate so that you can focus on being a dentist. No more working weekends to catch up on paperwork — just you and your team doing what you do best.

This is the culture we’re working to build

Our culture is built around our mission to support our dental practices and help them grow. In service to that mission, we work to follow our seven core values:

We work together to be mindful of these values as we go about our days and encourage our acquisition partners to be a part of our growing team!

These are our values

Our work is grounded in our core values. These help guide everything we do and form the foundation of the team we’re working to build.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to support our practices in positively impacting lives by improving smiles, confidence, and overall health.


Provide a five-star experience for our guests.

We strive to be warm, friendly and treat every one of our guests the way we want to be treated.


Support exceptional clinical care.

We put safety above all else, communicate clearly, and do whatever we can to help our guests get the care they need.


Do the right thing.

We all do our best to be accountable, available and put people before profits.


Be a place for all.

We want to serve the whole of every community we practice in and welcome guests and team members from all backgrounds.


Rise by lifting others.

We believe that when we’re kind, supportive, and work together, we can leverage our collective genius.


Voice gratitude.

We know that our guests and our team members have choices, and are deeply grateful that they’ve chosen us.


Achieve happiness through balance.

We know that our team members are dedicated to their families and loved ones and support a strong work-life balance.

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