Who do we partner with?

Who do we partner with?

Oak Dental Partners acquires and supports existing pediatric, orthodontic, oral surgery, and family dental practices.

We come to you as a partner. You can choose to roll over equity from your practice, keep your current team in place and your name on the door, and continue to enjoy absolute clinical autonomy — all while you watch the value of your shares grow.

Meanwhile, we’ll handle everything else. Business administration, marketing, hiring, legal — consider all of that off your plate and on to ours. We’ll also help you expand your practice, adding specialties like orthodontics and oral surgery, and make sure that you and your team have the resources to continue developing your skills.

We currently support over two dozen practices across nine brands and counting. Take a look!

Our Current Partners

Want to talk partnership or learn more?

Contact us to get the ball rolling. We’d love to hear from you!

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