Join our growing forest of partners!

Join our growing forest of partners!

If you’re a talented dentist with an established, successful pediatric or family practice, we’d love to talk partnership.

At Oak Dental Partners, we acquire, manage, and develop dental practices with one goal in mind — we want to empower you and your team to provide exceptional care for your guests and live a more balanced, happy life.

We do this by offering something different than the traditional buyout model. Instead of simply converting you from a practice owner to an employee, we give you the opportunity to roll over your practice equity into our holding company, so you retain a stake and a feeling of ownership.

As a DSO, we’ll also take over the business side of things. You can forget about marketing, finance, legal, recruiting, compliance, or admin work — just focus on caring for your guests.

We’ll work with you to expand your practice, helping bring in additional specialties like orthodontics or oral surgery. We’ll keep your whole team in place, offer opportunities for continuing education, and invite all of you to contribute to the strong, supportive culture we’re working to grow.

Finally, we’ll guarantee you absolute clinical autonomy. This means you get to practice dentistry your way — without us jumping in to tell you what to do.

What we offer our partners


Focus on dental work.

We’re here to take the hassle of running your practice off your plate. Our team will handle everything you’re sick of dealing with — paperwork, worrying about guest flow, business development — leaving you free to put your energy towards your guests.


Equity with upside.

We give you the option to roll over your practice equity into our holding company. You’ll continue to have a stake in the business without any of the pressures that usually come along with ownership, and reap your rewards as we grow.


Complete clinical autonomy.

This is our solemn promise: you’re the dentist and you make your own clinical decisions. We’re just here to back you up so that you can continue to practice with confidence.


Strong culture & core values.

You’ll join a growing organization built around a commitment to doing the right thing and looking out for our guests and each other. We work hard every day to live up to our core values and build something bigger than ourselves.


Keep your team (& your brand) intact.

We know that you want to look out for your team. We keep everyone on when we acquire a practice and offer opportunities for growth, development, and a long, satisfying career. We’ll also maintain your current brand!


Balance work & life.

Freed from the responsibilities of having to run your practice, you’ll enjoy a much more balanced life. You can choose which days you want to work, focus your attention on your craft, and leave work at the office when you go home for the night.

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